Steps to Boost your Online Business Quickly and Rapidly

Source: Steps to Boost your Online Business Quickly and Rapidly

Steps to Boost your online business are always considered whenever a new online store is opened. Because E-commerce has gathered that much potential in today’s Business world that, it has now become inevitable to create online stores for each of our business ventures irrespective of its size and aspect.

boost online business


So if you are ready to start a new online store for your online business, we should use each of the elements that helps in achieving online business. This article will helps you to gather all the major ideas that takes your online business to the top and give a strong competition to competitors.


Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques

The main goal of search engine optimization(seo)  is to get a higher rank in search engine results. For that, we are doing some Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques to improve website. Mainly we are doing two techniques,

  1. On page Optimization
  2. Off page Optimization

Very Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques

If we are Optimization this techniques in a good way,then we can improve the website rank.

  • Keywords

keywordsOne major factor in SEO is its focusing keyword. Our goal is to find keywords that provide traffic but are also not overly difficult to rank for.Keyword optimization is making sure that you have targeted the right people and in the right context with the content you are putting out. If we are using our keyword in the meta description, title, URL, and  within the text, then we can achieve our goal to rank high.

  • Content

Content is a king of a website.The only way you  get people to spend time on your website is through content. If content is good and useful then user will spend more time in website and it will help your website rank higher.

  • Title Tag

title tagsTitle tags are which users first look for. If title tag, that we give is more impressive then users click on it. By this CTR(click through rate) will increase and automatically rank get higher. We have heading tags, H1,H2,…H6. Title tag are given in H1 tags. H1 have more important in heading tags. So try to give H1 for title tag.



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Social Media Marketing Services – Brahma IT Solutions,Kochi

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing your products or services through social medias.Today the effect of social medias in marketing a product is very high. To retain in your industry good social marketing techniques should be followed.

Brahma IT Solutions is the best option for this.Here we provide best social media marketing services to our customers.Our main services include:

  • Marketing strategy for social media
  • Provides implementation guidelines
  • Social media marketing tool recommendations
  • Auditing social media
  • Make competitive analysis
  • Create social profiles
  • Create Badges
  • Widget strategies
  • Design and optimization of Blogs
  • Blog strategies
  • Online community building
  • Monitoring online community
  • Reviews on new hirings


To know more about our services,visit Source: Social Media Marketing Services – Brahma IT Solutions,Kochi

How to Add Twitter Widget to Blogspot Blogs – Twitter Widget

Source: How to Add Twitter Widget to Blogspot Blogs – Twitter Widge

How to Add Twitter Widget to blogspot blog


Blogger is a blog publishing service and it also grant multiple users blogs. Twitter is one of the best online social media service and users can interact with each other.  Widget is a shortcut on your screen and also help to access information, functions. Here we discussed about How to Add Twitter Widget to your Blogspot Blog. It is very simple and more effective process.



Creating a New WordPress Blog Post : The Steps to Use WordPress





WordPress is a blogging platform which helps you to create posts and publish it. it is very easy to create a new post on WordPress, here we discuss about how to create a new post on WordPress and the steps we want to follow. In a WordPress post you can add themes and you can also change the themes. The themes helps your post seems very attractive to the user. You add categories into your post and also add  suitable tags into it.  By following the steps we discussed you can easily create a new WordPress post and publish it.



Creating a New WordPress Blog Post : The Steps to Use WordPress

Benefits of Using Images in Web Pages, Articles & Blog Pages

Source: Benefits of Using Images in Web Pages, Articles & Blog Pages

This post is based on benefits of using images in webpages,articles and blog pages. This page explained why you should add relevant images to your website and pages. It describes , in blog post and articles there should be relevant pictures visually assist the audience.

Benefits of Using images in webpages,articles and blog pages

SEO Marketing Services For Customers Cochin, Kerala, India

Source: SEO Marketing Services ForCustomers Cochin,Kerala, India

Onpage Optimization SEO – Brahma IT Solutions, Kochi

Onpage Optimization SEO


Source: Onpage Optimization SEO – Brahma IT Solutions, Kochi

On page Optimization for site pages is a joined activity of a group of different factors. Setting up them all integrate a little of effort however is far from being too complicated. Clearly, there are more components which Google considers. However, if you take mind everything said in this article, you are significantly developing your chances of ranking your site professionally in the search results.

How to brand Business with Social Media – Brahma IT Solutions

Have you ever thought that you can brand your business with social media? Social media was considered to a platform to connect with people around the world. Yes, now you can take your business to a new world with the help of social media. Branding business with social media is very common in these days as its influence among the common people is really high. Be it a startup business, or a well-established business, you can do all kinds promotions of your business with social media. This will help you reach your business to a more much audience. While doing social media branding, it is important that you know everything about its tactics. Just read on to know how to brand business with social media.

Social media branding

 How to brand Business with Social Media – Brahma IT Solutions

Website Analysis Tools – Brahma IT Solutions, Kochi

A website analysis tool is analysis and reporting the web data for the purpose of easily understanding the website. Website analysis tools are very important for a website to improve site ranking organically. It’s very helpful tools to analyze and optimize your website. Use these tools efficiently and enhance your site’s performance.

Website Analysis Tools

Source: Website Analysis Tools – Brahma IT Solutions, Kochi