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Source: Best Table Plugins For WordPress – Brahma IT Solutions, Kochi

If you have a website that needs a lot of Tables to organise data, check out these free plugins to make your job easy. Most of these plugins doesn’t require knowledge in coding or HTML. It will be suited for websites that are created using a CMS(Content Management System) Software; WordPress. 

best table plugins for wordpress

Listed below are ten best plugins for WordPress in no special order:

Table Press

In Table Press you can import data from multiple formats and it is not just by entering data. Formats such as HTML, Excel, CSV and JSON files. Under this you can also export your tables to a new WordPress or a CMS site.

MCE Table Buttons

It adds table editing controls to a visual content editor. It is a light weight plug-in that adds the table editing controls from the full version of TinyMCE, optimised for WordPress.

Easy Table

It is one of the best plugins to create tables. Once installed you can see it in ‘Settings’. Just as the name says it is easy to install and follow.

Ultimate tables

This plugin gives you the options such as sorting, searching, filtering, paging, etc. With this you can create multiple tables within a page.

wpData Tables Lite

It has a responsive design, spread-sheet excel like editing, dynamic charts, advanced per column filtering.

Table Maker

The Table Marker is just apt for the websites that require comparison and specification tables to the webpage. It can also add other types of tables. It also has an option to add tables and upload images for being used in the tables.

Responsive Table

This plugin helps you say goodbye to the scroll bar in your mobile device. Responsive Table plugin helps you convert your tables into responsive tables.

OSD Simple Table Generator

In this you can create table using simple tags. It is easy and lightweight. If you are fed up of bulky and difficult to use table plugins you are sure to find this one helpful.

Visual Table Formatting Lite

If you are looking to create visually appealing table formats this plugin will be of utmost use. You can create and manage colourful tables.

JTRT Responsive Table

This is the most advanced level of table plugin. It has many features to help you create tables suited for your website.

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